DIY flush mount macrame light fixture

This macrame light fixture tutorial kind of happened by accident as I hinted in my last post. I wanted to make a macrame cat bed and had purchased all of the materials used in today’s post to make a cat bed.

– drywall anchors and screws – #10 finishing washers – wire (any strong bendable wire will do)

Materials and Tools needed:


Start out by holding the macrame light fixture to the ceiling and so you can lightly trace the inner and outer circumference.

How to hang the finished flush mount macrame light fixture

I did inside and outside perimeter because I wanted to place the screws more on the inside of the circle to avoid having the anchors and screws from showing.


Thread the washer on to the screw and tightly twist a wire that was folded in half around the screw behind the washer.


Hammer in the plastic anchor until you reach the spiral screw section and then screw the rest in with a screw driver.


Next screw in the screw-wire-washer contraption you made earlier.


I decided to use 4 screw setups like this marked on the light fixture circle.


Place the macrame light fixture against the ceiling so you can wrap the wire around the top.


Next twist the wire tightly around the top of the macrame light fixture in all 4 screw sections and hide the wire behind the macrame lamp shade.


And voila, you have a pretty boho flush mount light fixture that barely cost you anything.


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