Unique DIY Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

Years and years ago, I saw a stunning vintage pastel 80s macrame wall hanging at a friend’s house. I’ve had it on my mind ever since and wanted to replicate the staggered chunky yarn bundles.

– light green macrame cord  – ivory macrame cord – wood or metal crafting  – sharp scissors – fabric stiffener – straightening iron – comb – measuring tape – large needle for yarn – craft glue

Materials and Tools needed:

The dark green is only available in a thicker yarn but I didn’t want everything to be too chunky so I unraveled it and used two twisted strands for the project. This way I had a thinner yarn.


Attach 8 strands of 85″ dark green macrame yarn to the rod or triangle with Lark’s Head knots which is folding the yarn in half and looping it onto the piece of wood or metal.


Taping my triangle to the kitchen countertop made things a bit easier.


Then cut 40″ strands of ivory macrame yarn for the chunky strands that are hanging down.


Those strands will get tied to the piece with Double Half Hitch knots.


Repeat this all the way to the other side with each dark green strand and make sure that you pull everything as tight as possible.


Before you add the next tight roll of yarn, you have to add another row of Double Half Hitch Knots first but this time vertically.


After that, I gathered ONE  strand of dark green macrame cord on the left and right outside of the piece and tucked them behind the triangle.


Add another row of chunky ivory yarn with the rows of Double Half Hitch Knots.


Keep repeating what I showed  until you reach the end of the triangle.


When you reached the end, I attached the last 14 strands of ivory yarn with the two last remaining strands of dark green yarn.


Next, I cut the sage green strands of macrame yarn for the sides of the dark green triangle.


The most time-consuming part of the piece is opening and unraveling the ivory strands and straightening them.


This is also where I sprayed the yarn with fabric stiffener and used my comb and hair straightening iron to dry, flatten and straighten the ivory macrame yarn.


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