How to make a Stylish DIY tassel keychain tutorial

How to make an easy, modern, and stylish DIY tassel keychain using yarn, embroidery floss, and some leather scraps.

• macrame yarn • liquid starch • embroidery floss • leather scraps • leather glue • keychain clip • comb • brush

Supplies needed:

Separate the yarn into different strands

If you use macrame yarn, you have to separate it into different strands but you can use any yarn you want.


Form the tassel body

Take a bunch of yarn and fold it in half so you can form the body of the tassel keychain. Tie off the center of that bunch of yarn.


Wrap the middle with embroidery floss

Use the Gathering Knot Method to wrap the top center of the tassel keychain tightly with embroidery floss.


Attach the key chain clip

Cut a leather strip and use that to attach the keychain clip to the leather tassel with leather glue.


Tie off the tassel center

Use a scrap piece off leather that is glued together to tie off the center of the tassel to complete the tassel keychain.


You can use this tassel kaychain for many other purposes as well. It is so pretty and easy to make. Check out the full tutorial.