supplies needed:

• hollow metal rod • 2 screws that fit inside metal rod • metal primer and gold spray paint • hacksaw • measuring tape • fine sandpaper • drill and drillbit • gold s-hooks • screw driver • level

Cut the rod to the desired length with the hack saw, sand it, prime, and spray paint it.

Figure out where to hang the utensil rack and use the level to mark where to drill the holes through the cabinet

Drill a hole through the cabinet on both sides and then screw the screws so they stick out.

slide the rod over one screw and then screw the other one into the other side to hang the rod

Choose your s-hooks, hang them on the rod and you are done with your utensil rack! I love these champagne bronze hooks.

I also made a video on my blog that shows you the entire process for this kitchen utensil rack!

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