How to paint plastic pumpkins to look like terracotta pumpkins

Learn how you can repurpose old plastic pumpkins and Jack-O'-Lanterns to look like pricey terracotta pumpkins sold at places like Pottery Barn with s simple baking soda paint mixture.

• plastic pumpkins • baking soda • terracotta colored paint • primer • Krud Kutter • small bowl for mixing • paint brush

Supplies needed:

Clean the plastic pumpkins

Use a degreaser to clean the plastic pumpkins well and let them dry completely.


Prime the pumkins

Fully prime the pumpkins with a good primer to cover the entire plastic surface and let it dry.


Mix the baking soda paint

Mix baking soda into your terracotta colored paint. Don't worry about mixing it evenly.


Paint the first coat of color

Paint two coats of uneven baking soda paint color on all of the plastic pumpkins.


Add a lighter paint layer

Use a lighter color of the baking soda mixture for another layer to create texture.


You can apply this painting technique to many other objects and not just plastic pumpkins. Check out the full tutorial that includes some tips and tricks.