How to make large macrame tassels on a thick cotton rope

Find out how to make these large macrame tassels on a show-stopping rope garland which you can use as a railing or home decor accessory.

• thick cotton rope • macrame cord • 2 wooden cups • comb and brush • hole saw • fabric stiffener • tape

Supplies needed:

Cut a hole into cups

Cut a whole the size of the rope circumference into the wooden cups with the hole saw attachment and drill.


From the tassel top

Then you insert the thick cotton rope into the top hole of the two wooden cups to create the top of the macrame tassels.


Create the tassel body

Cut all the macrame yarn for the tassel body which you also have to unravel, comb, and straighten.


Add macrame details

You can add macrame details with different knots that you add to a macrame garland that gets wrapped around the tassel body.


If you love tassels and want to make a unique piece of home decor accessory then this is the project for you. Check out the full tutorial.

You can use these large macrame tassel garlands without the rope, you can drape them over a bookshelf, a staircase railing, or as other home decor.

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