How to make fringe earrings on studs instead of hoops

My earlobes are pretty stretched out and I have difficulty wearing my DIY macrame earrings which are on hoops. That is why I wanted to come up with a pretty version involving stud earrings instead and I’m showing you today how to make your own.

– black 4mm macrame cord – ivory 4mm macrame cord – 8mm earrings for crafting – clear strong craft glue – small spring clamps – fabric stiffener – scissors – measuring tape – comb – toothpicks

Materials and Tools needed:

The fringe earrings start out the exact same way as the fringe bracelet. To make them lighter in weight, I also separated the macrame cord into two pieces to get thinner lighter yarn.


Cut a 10-inch piece of that split macrame yarn to a hard surface. Cut the second piece of split macrame cord to about 30 inches and place it behind that first taped cord.


Fold the left string over the center.


Pull that tight to form the first knot about 3 inches down the string from where you taped.


Then fold the right string over the center string with the left one through the back loop.


Now it is time to add the ivory pieces to the square knot loop as pictured. I like clamping the pieces to keep them in place while tying but that is optional.


The fringe always gets added when you fold the right string over. Repeat all of that three times to get three fringe loops.


Then tie the ends and the top to form a finished end piece.


Add some clear craft glue with the tip of a toothpick and tie everything into a knot one more time. Be careful not to get glue on the front of the fringe earring.


When the knot is dry you can glue the stud earrings to the backside of the macrame square knots.


Then repeat the entire thing to make your second earring. Make sure you cut both of them at the same length.


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