How to make DIY tea light candles in seashells the easy way

Candles in seashells are a fun craft to make with all your collected vacation seashells. Let me show you the easiest way to make them.

• tea lights candles • various seashells • shallow cooking pot • metal spoon • glass measuring cup

Supplies needed:

Remove wax from tin cup

Pull the wax out of all the tin tea light cups and then separate the wick from the wax.


Add wicks to sea shells

Take the wicks with metal flat bottoms and place them inside the deepest part of the shells.


Melt the wax

Turn the stove on to low, and keep stirring the hot wax with a metal spoon, while slowly melting the wax.


Pour melted wax

Take the cup out of the cooking pot and pour the melted wax into all the seashells.


You could also paint the outside of the seashells which is a great way to involve little children in this easy project.

This is such a beautiful and easy craft for all your collected seashells. Check out my full tutorial.