How to make a fall foliage DIY paper leaf branch arrangement

This simple fall arrangement costs next to nothing because all you have to make is DIY paper leaves using lunch bags and glue them on real tree branches found outside.

• brown paper bags • floral foam blocks • scissors • hot glue gun • branches • plug-in fairy lights • flower pot • leaf shape

Supplies needed:

Choose a leaf you like

Pick a leaf shape. I made a printable template for you that you can use if you don't want to go outside to find a leaf you like.


Cut out the leaf template

Use sharp scissors to cut out both of your different-sized printed leaf templates. Don't worry about being too exact.


Trace and cut out leaves

Cut out your paper leaf shape. Since the brown paper bag has more than one layer, you'll end up with several brown paper leaves.


Draw in leaf veins

I used three different colored pencils in white, brown, and gray to draw in veins onto the paper leaf.


Glue leaves onto branches

Use a hot glue gun to attach your DIY paper leaves to real branches found outside.


Add branches to planter

I used a planter to make a fall foliage arrangement with the paper leaf branches and also added some fairy lights.


You can use these easy DIY paper leaves for a variety of different projects such as a fall leaf wreath or a paper leaf garland for you mantel. Check out the full tutorial.