How to cut a sofa apart to fit it through a door

I knew it wasn’t going to stay in there but I wanted to see what it would look like and second I wanted to buy myself some time to figure out how to get it into our basement family room/man-cave.

– pliers – staple remover – rubber mallet – circular saw – hammer – wood screws of different lengths – metal connector plates/tie plates  – liquid nails – staples – staple gun – power drill – shop vac

Materials and Tools needed:

I decided to peel the fabric from the bottom up and then cut the bottom half of the pieces off. So I turned the sofa upside-down, removed the feet, and then all the staples on the bottom.


Then I removed the upholstery nails and staples of the arm piece halfway up the sofa.


I then marked the cut all the way around the bottom as you can see. Make sure you measure more than once to ensure that the larger piece will fit through your door frame.


My husband helped me remove lots of staples with the pliers and staple remover


We also covered the fabric with a drop cloth so it wouldn’t get dirty or destroyed.


Then we carried the pieces into the basement and I went to work by myself to put them back together while my husband cut the other sectional pieces.


I used liquid nails to glue the pieces back together and added metal plates. The plates really work well to keep the cut pieces together and ensure a strong bond.


After that, I peeled the batting and fabric back over the plywood seams and stapled everything back to the bottom of the sectional pieces.


The pieces made it to the basement man-cave and you can’t even tell what we did.


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