French Provincial wood bleach dresser makeover

The Drexel French Provincial dresser that I have had in our upstairs hallway for many many years and have given different makeovers.

When I originally painted the dresser, I noticed the wood under it and always wondered what it would look like in a raw state.

– paint stripper – protective mask and glasses – various different paint scrapers and knives – rags – old toothbrush – white vinegar – bucket – two-part wood bleaching kit  – different sanders – clear matte polycrylic

Materials and Tools needed:

Remove dresser hardware and take out the drawers. Time to strip the wood, so make sure you wear your protective gloves, goggles and mask.


After stripping you have to sand the wood with different sanders for the appropriate areas. A big palm sander for the large flat areas and the detail sanders for the smaller areas.


I trace Dremel discs on adhesive-backed sandpaper, stick them together, and attach them to the Dremel disc attachment to get into small details.


I tried standard bleach on my dresser and compared it to the results of the bleaching kit.


The dresser when I applied the varnish too early.


I stripped it again and bleached some more.


The sponge I used started to dissolve which are the tiny yellow chunks on the drawers.


How the bleach is bubbling on the corner of the dresser during the last coat of bleach.


I neutralized the wood by wiping on a 50/50 water and white vinegar mixture onto the entire dresser and letting it dry before moving on.


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