DIY Marbled Watercolor Curtains Tutorial

These watercolor curtains were inspired by a Jonathan Adler box I had purchased at JCPenney a while back.

I wanted to nail down the same type of marbled watercolor pattern and I believe I accomplished that.

– paint samples – black fabric paint pens – fabric medium – prewashed and ironed Ikea Merete curtains – iron – large bowls – various different sized brushes – tarp and painter’s tape optional

Materials and Tools needed:

You need the same amount of large bowls as you have paint color samples.


I used a little bit of paint and an equal amount of fabric medium and then watered everything down immensely.


This is where you get to play around with the different sized brushes to create different thicknesses of veins for the marbled effect.


I noticed that I needed to add some more paint to the dark pink watered down color to have a more saturated color for that specific vein to replicate the look of the box.


After I painted all the different colors in, I went over it with a black fabric pen and a tiny bit of red here and there but the red detail is definitely not needed.


In the end, I heat set the marbled watercolor pattern with my iron.


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