Turning my dark stained cherry wood desk into a light wood 



I decided to change our cherry wood desk from a dark stain to a light wood-bleached look with the help of two-part wood bleach and lime wax.

• white vinegar • two-part wood bleaching kit  • Dremmel and palm sander • tack clothes • paint stripper • lime wax • wax brush • clean white rags

Supplies for bleached cherry wood desk makeover

Strip off the dark stain

I used wood stripper to remove the dark wood stain which especially helped on the feet. In some areas I just sanded the stain off.


Sand the wood

Give the entire surface of your furniture a good sanding. In some areas I had to use my Dremel since my desk had a lot of unique details.


Apply wood bleach

I used a wood-bleaching kit on the wood. You can see in the photo how the bleach bubbled and foamed during the process.


Neutralize the bleach

After you are finished with the bleaching, neutralized the wood with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution by wiping it on with a clean rag.


Apply lime wax

Mix mineral spirits and lime wax in a plastic bowl and then brush the wax mixture on with a wax brush and buff it off with a clean rag.


bleached wood

bleached wood with lime wax

Here you can see that the lime wax dulls the last remainder of redish tint


Scribbled Arrow

This unique light wood treatment gives the desk an updated modern boho beacg look. Get the tails below!