The best method to restore teak outdoor furniture

This easy tutorial on restoring teak outdoor furniture will help you bring your outdoor furniture back to life with some elbow grease and basic supplies.

• teak cleaner • various sandpaper discs • orbital sander • sandpaper blocks • screwdrivers • teak protector

Supplies needed to restore teak wood

Clean the teak furniture

Wash the teak furniture with a soft bristle brush, sponge, and cleaning solution


Patch any damaged teak wood

Use a putty knife and your fingers to apply the outdoor wood filler to damaged areas.


Sand the teak wood

Sand the wood in the direction of the grain until it looks clean and feels smooth.


Wash teak furniture after sanding

It is important to clean all the sanding dust and debris off the surface of the teak wood.


Apply teak sealer or protector

Dip your clean rag into the protector liquid and rub the solution into the dry wood.


Maintain your teak furniture

To avoid deterioration you need to maintain the wood going forward with regular cleaning and adding more teak protector if needed.


Check out the full tutorial below to help you refinish your own outdoor teak furniture. It is definitely worth the work!