Several years ago I painted some colorful plastic Christmas ball ornaments into black and white brushstroke ornaments. Back then I loved the look but have changed my taste a bit since then. It was time to use them for something new.

It was time to paint some more ornaments to fit in with my more neutral color palette.

+latex paint samples, leftover latex paint, or even craft paint • baking soda • Kilz spray primer • brush • dropcloth • ornaments • cardboard or thin piece of wood • nails, screws, or chopsticks • spoon for mixing

Materials and Tools needed:

Remove the tops from the ornaments, they usually just come right off.


This is the size brush I used to paint the ornaments with .


Use a thin piece of wood or cardboard with nails or screws to stick the balls onto – place on drop cloth before spraying primer


I used Kilz spray primer to prime the care plastic ball ornaments. Make sure to let that dry completely.


Mix baking soda into your latex paint to get a thicker pudding-like consistency.


Paint your ornaments with the baking soda and latex paint mixture.


You can even use chopsticks in a glass to easily paint the layers of colors onto the ornaments.


Layer on some different lighter and darker shades of the same tone. I started out with the middle-toned paint – not the darker one but that is also just preferential.


You can place the Christmas ball ornaments into a bowl all year as a bowl or vase filler. Just take the hooks or strings off and place them with the neck of the ball facing down.