I know that I’m very early with my Christmas decor. I usually start the day after Thanksgiving but when I stopped at Ikea I fell in love with the Ikea Margareta Fabric.

 - four 2x2x8 furring strips - 2 yards of Ikea Margareta - 1 pack (8 screws) 2 1/2″ wood screws - stapler and staples - ornament hooks - flat ornaments - If you’d like to add lights to the canvas, you can buy 14″ inch grommets

Materials and Tools needed:

I started with building the frame to stretch the fabric on to. I predrilled the holes and put the frame together with 2 screws for each connection.


Then I stapled the fabric really tight to the frame. Make sure to keep it even, so the tree looks straight.


I bent the hook from the right side into the hook that you can see on the left side, to be able to just push them into the fabric and hang the ornaments.


Lite weight ornaments work best and that’s why I used these ornaments from an old Ikea garland.


I just pushed the hooks into the fabric with the ornaments on it.