How to DIY colored stove without paint

Find out how to update an old stove to look like one of those fancy custom high-end colored stoves without using paint and using vinyl car wrap instead.

Supplies needed for stove makeover

• sheet of car vinyl wrap • sharp craft knife • 70% alcohol • tack clothes • felt squeegee tool • screwdrivers • a blow dryer or heat gun

Color match vinyl

I used Hex color codes to match my cabinet paint to the vinyl color to get printed by a professional.


Make a Clean the oven and stove

Use a degreaser and alcohol to clean the outside of your oven and stove.


Apply car vinyl to stove

Disassemble your stove, apply the vinyl before heat-setting it with the help of a blow dryer, and then put stove back together.


Carefully reinstall handles

If your oven door is mainly made of glass, then take great caution when reinstalling the oven handles so the glass doesn't shatter.


Pro Tip: Consider making your own handles

If you don't like the look of your old handles, consider making your own custom handles. I have a great tutorial for that as well.

The oven looks so much better than before and has the look and feel of a custom high-end designer stove.

I gave our dishwasher the same makeover and they both now match our kitchen cabinets. Check out the full tutorials!

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