How to repaint a painted concrete porch

I repainted our concrete porch from stripes to a checkerboard pattern and am showing you how to repaint a concrete porch with some easy-to-follow steps.

Materials used to repaint concrete porch

• paint brush • large and small paint roller  • tack cloth • Behr floor cleaner • Behr Porch & Patio Floor    Paint  • pressure washer • scrub brush • handheld pump sprayer • frog tape or painters tape • measuring tape • square ruler and pencil • acid-resistant rubber gloves  • protective eye goggles • rubber boots

Pressure wash porch

Start by pressure washing the patio to remove the dirt and leaves.


Apply cleaning solution

After that, dilute the cleaner in a sprayer according to the directions and spray it evenly over the painted concrete patio while wearing protective gear.


Scrub porch

Use the hard bristle brush to scrub the floor while also making sure that the  cleaning solution doesn't dry up by spraying more as needed. Then rinse the solution off and let the porch dry.


Paint the porch

Apply two coats of paint with the large paint roller and without a paint tray by simply pouring the paint on the porch or dipping the roller into the paint.


Add a pattern (optional)

Draw on your pattern and tape it off with painter's tape. (or use a stencil of your choice) Clean the porch again to make sure there is no debris before painting.


Paint the pattern

Use a small paint roller to paint on the pattern over your taped off area or stencil. Paint two coats again.


Let paint dry

Pull off the tape and let the paint dry completely before putting your furniture back onto the porch.


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