How to make macrame drawer pulls that are really cheap

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This is a tutorial about how to make super cheap boho macrame drawer pulls that also hide imperfections and are adjustable to different lengths.

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• 4mm macrame yarn • comb • scissors • clamp or tape • large needle • stiff hemp cord • fabric stiffener

Supplies needed:

Knot a strand of Square Knots

Make rows of square knots to the desired length of your needed drawer pull which you measured first.


Attach hemp yarn

Knot the hemp string tightly around the Square Knot ends so the macrame yarn can't unravel.


Soak ends in fabric stiffener

Let the fabric stiffener-soaked fringe dry and repeat if it isn’t stiff enough yet.


Shape the drawer pull

Slightly bend the macrame drawer pull to the shape you need before attaching them to your furniture.


Attach macrame drawer pull

Thread the hemp cord through each hardware hole and knot on the inside of the drawer with a very tight knot.


If you are in need to the cheapest and easiest to make drawer pulls you can find. Then search no more! These macrame drawer pulls are it. Check out he full tutorial.

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