How to make a scary scarecrow mask with burlap for Halloween

Let me show you how to make a scarecrow mask with some burlap and other cheap supplies for an easy, cheap, last-minute scary Halloween look.

• burlap • jute yarn • black plastic mask • black duct tape • X-Acto knife • aluminum foil • needles • matte Mod Podge glue • clear Gorilla glue • scissors

Supplies needed:

Cut out bigger facial areas

Use the X-Acto knife to cut out bigger holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth so it replicates a more skull-shaped mask.


Shape mask with aluminum foil and duct tape

Use crumbled-up and shaped aluminum foil and duct tape to raise the eye sockets and chin of the mask.


Make a small darker burlap base layer

Mix some dirty dark water with brown and black craft paint and several small strips of burlap with the dirty water.


Glue the darker burlap base layer to the mask

Use clear glue to attach the darker strips that I made in the previous steps to the mask and let it all dry.


Add two large pieces of burlap to the entire face

Dip two larger pieces of burlap in Mod Podge glue and mold them over the mask with your fingers.


Add jute yarn stitching and shading to the face

Start at the top of the head with one row of stitching going down and then back up to finish the cross stitch.


Add raffia hair detail to the mask

Use a drill to add holes at the top of the burlap mask for the raffia detail to get threaded through.


The scary scarecrow mask looks great with a traditional scarecrow outfit or a simple black outfit and hooded rope. I love how it turned out.