How to make a knot bracelet inspired by Free People macrame

For those of you who don’t know what a square knot bracelet is, it’s basically a string tied around a center string or grouping of strings the way you tie a shoe.

– black 4mm macrame cord – ivory 4mm macrame cord – measuring tape – clothing pins or small spring clamps – wax cord or you can just use macrame cord instead as well – clear strong craft glue – fabric stiffener – toothpicks – comb – scissors

Materials and Tools needed:

Split a 120 inch of black macrame cord in half


Take that piece and tape it to a hard surface. I also knotted the ends of all the separated macrame strings to stop them from fraying.


Cut the ivory macrame cord into 4 inch pieces. I needed about 25 of them but this again depends on how big your wrist is.


Start with your first knot about 10-12 inches from the start because you will need a long piece to be able to add a tassel to in the end.


Fold the left side of the string over the center string.


Loop the ride side behind the left and center string


Pull everything tight for the first knot. Then start with the right string folded over the center string and loop the left string behind, just the opposite as you did before.


Before pulling everything tight you add a piece of the 4-inch macrame yarn to the loop.


Keep on going with the square knots and added fringe until you reached the length of your wrist circumference.


Start by making a U-shaped loop at the top and wrap the cord around firmly, over and over again, from top to bottom.


Then stick the cord through the remaining loop that is sticking out and pull at the bottom string until the loop and top string disappear under the wrapped around string.


Trim the remaining ends.


You need to make the bracelet adjustable with the sliding square knots.


Then repeat what you just did at the beginning of the bracelet with the square knots but this time over the two bracelet end pieces.


To finish it, I tied a single normal knot not over the center string because you want to avoid getting glue on the center string.


I added a knot to the two strings where I wanted the tassel to start. It is about 1.5 inches down from the fringe part.


I unraveled three pieces of 5-inch ivory macrame yarn that I precut for each tassel. Tie the unraveled pieces to the end.


Make sure you tie a double knot and pull it very tight.


I added some more glue to this part to make sure the tassel wouldn’t open up.


Now you have to finish the tassel with the gathering-knot method again


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