How to make a hanging basket with hoops

– basket  – two large 14″ embroidery hoops – one small 9″ embroidery hoop – white duct tape – macrame yarn – scissors – wooden ring – hook for a curtain rod

Materials and Tools needed:

Start with the two 14″ hoops lined up next to each other.


Connect the two hopes with a thin strip of white duct tape.


Place the smaller 9″ hoop between the bottom of the two larger hoops


Secure the 9″ hoop with duct tape to the larger hoops.


Place the basket into the smaller hoop to make sure it fits.


Cover up the duct tape part of the smaller hoop with Gathering Knots.


For the Gathering Knot you start out with a small loop laid out and then wrapping the macrame yarn tightly around the hoop and looped yarn.


At the end, pull the yarn through the loop, then grab the other end of the string hanging out so you can pull the loop and yarn end through the tightly wrapped bunch of yarn until it disappears.


Trim the yarn ends for a neat look.


For the top part of the 14″ hoops, I wanted something more chunky than the inspiration planter.


To determine what length you need for those strings, you have to figure out how long and low you want the planter to hang.


I added Spiral Square Knots to my 4 strands of macrame yarn


Make the square knot strand as low as you want the planter to hang.


Now it is time to add the wooden ring so you can hang the planter on a hook.


Pull the string and loop through behind the wrapped yarn to finish the Gathering Knot and then trim the ends.


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