How to quickly install any type of carpet runner on stairs without carpet pad

Stair runners can enhance the look of your steps. The following step-by-step stair runner installation tutorial will help you to easily add your runner.

materials needed for runner installation 

• staple gun and air compressor • stair runner • utility knife • double-sided carpet tape • 1-inch staples • carpet tucker • pliers

Fix stair risers and treads

Clean up the stairs and fix any paint or stain imperfections before starting the stair runner installation.


Measure rug placement

Measure the rug's placement on the stairs and make sure it's even and centered.


Align the rug at top of stairs

Unroll the entire carpet runner and align it at the top of the stairs where you marked the measurements.


Staple runner in place

Staple the runner in place tightly by starting in the center of the rug and working your way to the sides and down the treads and risers.


Use carpet tape for seams

When you run out of rug, cut a seam in the corner of a riser and tread and use double-sided carpet tape to add another runner.


Finish the end of runner

Tuck the rug under at the end of the stairs and staple in place along the edge for a finished look.


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