Easy and quick crockpot makeover without using paint


This crockpot makeover is super easy! Use vinyl wrap instead of paint for a durable and affordable new look to match your crockpot to your kitchen decor.


Materials needed for this crockpot makeover

• vinyl car wrap • blow dryer • craft knife • scissors • screwdriver • pliers • Isopropyl Alcohol • clean rag

Disassemble the crockpot

In order to be able to work on the crockpot shell, you have to unscrew bottom screw and handles.


Clean the crockpot shell

Clean the metal crockpot shell with some cleaning alcohol on a clean rag. Let it dry completely.


Cut vinyl to size

Cut a vinyl strip slightly bigger than your crockpot's height and circumference. Make sure to cut out an area for the electrical cable.


Apply vinyl to the crockpot

Remove the vinyl backing a couple of inches and align the vinyl on the crockpot. Keep smoothing out your vinyl and apply to perimeter of the crockpot.


Use a blow dryer to set the vinyl in place

Heat set it the vinyl in place with a blow dryer. When you apply heat over the surface, you will notice more wrinkles and bubbles in some places.


Cut out vinyl around the indicator light and edges

Use your sharp craft knife to cut the edges and the vinyl around the indicator light. Now reassemble crockpot


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