DIY wooden fluted planter sleeve and fluted vase

After finishing my fluted dresser last week, I decided that I wanted to use the leftover pole wrap to make a fluted vase and fluted planter sleeve.

You can use a tray or plate inside of it to catch access water at the bottom which I already do when I use baskets as planters.

– liquid nails or Loctite – pole wrap – pipe, can or glass – miter saw, compound miter saw or table saw – wood clamps – box cutter – toothpicks – sander

Materials and Tools needed:

To make the fluted planter sleeve sturdy I used a large plumbing pipe part/coupling because it isn't tapered towards the bottom and has the same circumference at the top and bottom.


The was an uneven part in the center that was easily sanded down and removed with my orbital sander.


I used the coupling as a guide to see where I had to cut the pole wrap.


I used my compound miter saw to cut the pole wrap but I’m pretty sure you can use a standard miter saw as well and cut it by hand if the saw is nice and sharp with fine teeth.


After that I spread some Loctite on the paper backing of the pole wrap.


Wrapped the fluted pole wrap titly around the pipe coupling. The access glue was once again easily removed with a toothpick.


If you want to make a smaller fluted vase version or pot that isn’t open at the bottom. You can use anything else you would like.


The pole wrap is so easy to cut with a box cutter since you just have to cut through the cardboard.


You can also just slip a glass in the middle if you used duck tape.


You can see the fluted planter sleeve with my snake plant on the living room side table.


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