You might be wondering what app makes photos look like watercolor? I think there are many apps out there but I like the simple app called Waterlogue because that is all it is meant to do.

Make watercolor images from your photos. No other bells and whistles or too many settings. It’s a very easy and simple watercolor app that turns your photos into watercolor paintings on your phone.

Materials needed: – cellphone – Waterlogue app – large poster board or another      neutral background – any type of tape – printer – overcast natural light

Find a shady spot outdoors or preferably a cloudy day where you can tape the poster board to a wall.


Give your kiddo, teen or adult a cute hairdo and shirt. And place them in front of the poster board facing the wall and poster board. As you can see she didn't fee like it.



This kiddo here did though and that's how you should be placed in front of the poster board.

Open the Waterlogue app and click the photo icon.


Pick the photo that is most centered and that doesn’t have any odd discoloration on the edges.


After this step, it is time to play around with the different watercolor filters.


When you reach the desired look. Save it to your library and print it. I like printing it on standard office printer paper.


Be creative with the hairdos. That’s what makes it fun!


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