DIY upholstered headboard with nailhead trim detail

Learn how you can effortlessly build a beautiful custom DIY upholstered headboard with an added nailhead trim detail that looks like you bought it at a high-end store.

•• electric staple gun  • Rubber Mallet • Quick Nailer Spacer  • scissors • brass upholstery nails • upholstery foam • MDF board

Supplies needed for DIY upholstered headbaord

Cut out the headboard shape

Decide on a shape for your headboard and cut it out of the MDF board or plywood.


Build legs as support

Cut the 2x4s to size and attach them to the headboard so you can later screw the bed frame into the legs.


Add foam and fabric

Cut upholstery foam to size and attach to headboard before wrapping it in batting and fabric. Use a staple gun to secure fabric.


Finish the edges

Use cardboard upholstery tack strips to add a special finished detail to the upholstered headboard and legs.


Add upholstery nail detail

You can hammer in each individual brass upholstery nail with a rubber mallet.


Use nail spacer tool

Or you can use a special nail spacer tool to add the upholstery nail detail faster.


Attach headboard to bedframe

Carry the headboard into the room and screw the legs to your metal bed frame.  Look how pretty the added details look!


Build your own beautiful DIY upholstered headboard with my easy to follow tutorial.