DIY macrame outdoor hanging solar lantern

I felt that our stock tank pool could use a little nighttime charm and since I love fairy lights so much, the solar version of them was the perfect fit to make this macrame outdoor hanging solar lantern.

– wood ring – glass fishbowl – synthetic macrame yarn  – optional wood beads  – solar fairy lights – metal plant hook  – scissors

Materials and Tools needed:

I like starting out a macrame piece like this by placing a broom on top of my bar or counter stools


Cut 6 x 20-foot pieces of yarn and add them to a  ring folded in half.


Securely tie them together with the gathering knot method.


Gather the strands into three groups of 4 pieces of yarn and add Square Knots to them.


Then I added 3 wood beads.


After that, I decided to add three 5-inch long strands of Spiral Knots.


I had more beads at hand so I added them in this step.


For some more symmetry, I added another couple of 5-inch long rows of Square Knots.


Measure 5 inches down again and grab a piece of yarn from 2 square knot strands next to each other.


Measure down 5 inches again and do the same thing with 2 Square Knots. This creates a web that you can place a planter or bowl into.


Add the fishbowl so you can see where you have to place the bottom knots to keep the bowl in place.


Gather all strands and securely tie them in place with the same gathering knot method.


Grab all the yarn with the existing tassel in the middle.


Now you just have to tie them together with the gathering knot method again.


Trim the knot and the bottom tassel.



All you need to do is place the fairy lights into the upside-down bowl. Wrap the wires around the backside macrame and around the hook. I hid my solar panel on the fence facing the sun.

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