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DIY jute pendant light

Materials needed:

• 2 thrifted vintage lampshades that have a cage frame • water soluble flux and lead free solder • white pendant light kit/lighting kit • jute yarn • wire cutter small • small paper clip • soldering iron • plastic pipe • artist brush • scissors

Here you can see the pendant light frame shape and the way the yarn will be looped around it.

You could also stack two lampshade frames as shown here to create a unique shape so you don't have to solder anything.

remove the old fabric from your thrifted lampshade

cut your metal pieces and solder them to the lampshade cage to create your pendant light frame

wrap the lampshade frame you made with jute yarn

Cut the small pipe and thread it onto your pendant light cable and then through the lamp shade.

Time to hang your new jute pendant light!

And voila you have a new affordable beautiful dining room pendant light!

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