DIY Beginner Macrame Garland

I’ve noticed that I have more and more natural and rustic elements sneaking into our home. Natural fibers and wood is my jam right now. Let me show you how to make this macrame garland!

– macrame yarn  – sharp scissors  – wood beads – hair comb

Materials and Tools needed:

For my garland I used 23 wooden beads threaded on a 10 foot piece of macrame cord.


I started out my beginner macrame garland by folding the 40 inch pieces of macrame in half and looping them onto the base string with Lark’s Head knots.


Make sure to pull them tight and repeat 6 times.


After making a row, you have to offset the knots so you can create a pyramid at the end.


Then it is time to make diagonal Half Hitch knots on each side of the little macrame triangle/pyramid.


These types of knots are basically loops placed on to the outer string on each side that then meet at the center of the piece.


The garland is almost done. You can either chose to leave the garland open or you can tie each macrame off into a little tassel at the bottom.


Swipe Up for the full tutorial!