An easy trick for re-stuffing a deflated bean bag, pouf, or ottoman

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Working with bean bag filling can be really annoying but I have a trick for stuffing a pouf or bean bag that makes this project super easy.

• a deflated pouf or bean bag • upholstery thread • curved upholstery needles • seam ripper • bean bag filling • grocery bags • sewing pins • scissors

Materials used to stuff the pouf

Open the bean bag

Open the pouf/bean bag in one spot with the seam ripper by inserting the one end that looks like a needle into seam and pushing.


Fill grocery bags with beans

Take a grocery bag and fill it up with beans until it is almost full. Then knot the top of the grocery bag shut.


Stuff the bag inside pouf

Insert the filled grocery bag into pouf opening. There are no individual bean balls flying around and spilling out of the pouf this way.


Fill more bags

Keep filling grocery bags with beans and stuffing them inside the pouf until it is firmly filled.


Pin open seam with needles

Line up the seam of the open pouf and help it keep in place with sewing pins.


Sew the seam shut

Thread a long strand of yarn through your curved needle and sew the pouf hole shut again.


You could also use old clothes, bedding, or towels to fill a pouf but that hack makes the pouf much heavier. Check out the full tutorial below.