Stylish DIY macrame chandelier made from planter basket

I originally wanted to make this into a hanging macrame cat bed but while I was working on it I noticed that I’d rather make a lighting piece out of it.

– macrame cord – metal hanging basket  – sharp craft scissors – fabric stiffener – hair straightening iron – fairy light fixture or another lighting kit – metal clips optional to help you attach cords – comb – nail

Materials and Tools needed:

Cut 24 pieces of macrame yarn at 180 inches long and fold them in half over something like a doorknob to start the top part which creates an eyelet.


Then I hung that eyelet onto a broomstick that I propped up between barstools so I could work on the rest of the strands to form all the square knot strands.


I sectioned those strands into groups of 4 strings, so I could stack rows of Square Knots again as I showed you earlier while wrapping the metal strands on the basket.



The finished top strands of the macrame chandelier looks similar to an octopus. 

For the rest, you only need Vertical Lark’s Head knots for the top and Square Knots for the side strands.


Swipe Up for the full tutorial!