How to sand spindles by hand (without power tools)

Learn how to sand spindles like a pro with my step-by-step guide that covers everything from sandpaper selection to technique.

• sandpaper paper sheets and duck tape • abrasive cord • ultra-flexible sanding sheets


Use flexible sandpaper

The flexible sandpaper conforms to the spindle shape when you pull from both sides to sand.


Use an abrasive cord

Simply wrap the cord around the spindle and pull it back and forth to sand away any finish.


Back sandpaper with strips of duct tape

Apply strips of duct tape to the entire back of sheets of sand paper.


Cut sandpaper strips

Cut the sandpaper into different strips that are different widths with sharp scissors.


Use duct tape sandpaper

Pull the strengthened strip of sandpaper from both ends to sand around the round areas of the spindles.


Clean the spindle

Clean the spindle well before refinishing it with your choice of stain or paint.


Come see the full tutorial on how to sand spindles and how to refinish them on my blog.