How to make a seashell tassel as boho beach decor

Learn how to make seashell tassels by stringing your favorite seashells on twine, tying knots at the ends, and attaching a loop for hanging.

• seashells of your choice • Dremel with a drill bit • old cutting board • hot glue (optional) • duct tape • jute yarn • scissors

Supplies needed:

Drill holes into the seashells

Use a Dremel and a drill bit to drill holes into the top of the seashells. Make sure you drill on an old cutting board.


Braid jute yarn strands

Cut strands of jute yarn, knot them together, and tape them to a flat surface so you can braid them together.


Form the tassel top

Loop the braided strands and wrap the bottom of the braided loop with more jute yarn.


Thread on seashells

Pair the seashells according to size and thread them onto the strands of jute yarn under the tassel top.


Knot and trim jute yarn

Finish the seashell strands by double-knotting them and trimming the ends with sharp scissors.


If you are looking for ideas for seashells then check out how to make this seashell tassel with my full easy-to-follow tutorial.

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