How to make a macrame necklace

Learn how to make a macrame necklace with my easy-to-follow tutorial that helps you create your own unique boho piece of jewelry.

• large jewelry clap • 2mm or 3mm cord • comb • sharp scissors • fabric starch

Supplies list:

Attach cords to clasps

Attach the macrame cords to the jewelry clasps with Lark's Head Knots and secure them to a flat surface.


Knot a Diamond pattern

Create a diamond pattern with Diagonal Clove Hitch Knots on both strands and then knot them together.


Add fringe pieces

Add the fringe with Lark's Head Knots around the outside perimeter of the necklace to about shoulder height.


Unravel fringe pieces

Use your fingers and a comb to open up the all fringe strands.


Trim the fringe

Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the fringe to your desired length around the necklace perimeter.


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