1. Julia your summer home tour was an absolute delight! You made me laugh out loud on achieving symmetry. Beer for everyone!

    Your garden is truly beautiful. It is such a joy to share this tour with you. Have a lovely day!

    1. Haha, thanks Laura. Well if I put a beer in front of them then I don’t have to get up to get a second beer. It totally makes sense not just from a symmetry kind of standpoint 😉

  2. that’s always the way with our family! 😉 it’s normal. love your tour-your outdoor space is so enchanting and lovely! i love the hammock with the lights around it so much!

    1. I always picture this cheerful family chatting leisurely about their happy day and it never works out that way.

  3. Marty Oravetz says:

    Oh wow, your upper patio is amazing. What a fabulous space with so many pretty plants and that hammock looks like the spot where you would find me all the time. I had to laugh at your dinner, sounds just like home. I also absolutely love your front porch, it is GORGEOUS. Thanks so much for joining the tours, your home is always a delight.

    1. Thanks Marty for including me again.

  4. Your patio space looks so cozy. I especially love that bedsheet tablecloth and the bowls. I wish we had such a hosta plant in the garden. The leaves make great placemats indeed. I’m sorry that the evening didn’t turn out as you had planned.

    1. We collect different hostas and the ones with the large leaves are my favorite. Thanks Julia

  5. Just had to comment….I think we have had a nice sit-down meal together 3 times in 15 years! I’m tempted to put gorilla glue on everyone’s seats, especially mine! PS, if we lived in Germany our kids could drink that beer. After seeing your picture I’m craving a Bitburger! Tchuss!

    1. You are totally right Amy and I’m sure my son will start having zips of beer here and there when we go to Germany. After all he is going to be 15 in 3 months. I can’t believe it.

  6. Love your tour. The outdoor space is so beautiful. Great idea using a bed sheet for a table cloth. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous home tour! Love your picture of your patio at night, what a fun place to relax and spend time!

    1. Thanks and now we only need to sit down together and appreciate it 😉

  8. Mary Flanagan-Casper says:

    Ha! Totally sounds like my home. I would have left them all and went and ate there by myself. (After dousing myself with bug repellent). At least you got a post out of it and it’s absolutely gorgeous up there with all the plants.

    1. I couldn’t do that because they were sitting there, just not happily 😉

  9. Your outdoor space is a dream!!!!! Feels like an outdoor bistro in a spa! You always manage to pull of amazing home tours Julia, filled with inspiration and fabulous style! Love how you added the sheepskin rug to your hammok (mine right now looks blah! lol!)! And your model is a darling! An honor as always, to share this Summer home tour with you! Cheers!

  10. Jennifer@decoratingdelirium says:

    The plants on your patio are to die for! Yes, you are not alone. I think whenever we try to plan those “perfect” moments is when everything goes to hell in a handbag! I need to work on just lowering my expectations sometimes!

    1. I think that’s what I need to do too Jennifer.

    1. Yeah it’s never perfection on the other side of the lens at least not at my house.

  11. The king sized sheet works great!! We actually have Steve Madden sheets that I picked up from some discount store. They aren’t high-quality but the pattern is fun. Love the use of the leaves as placemats. IT looks so good!

  12. Your outdoor space is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day, beautiful! I love how you made use of those pretty greens.

  13. Julia it looks lovely! classic and chic in black with green. I just want to lay in that hammock for hours!

  14. Your backyard is like an island getaway! Amazing!! And I just love the beautiful interior of your home as well. So honored to be in this home tour with you. Have a wonderful Summer!

  15. Julia, I’m smitten with all of your summer spaces! I totally get what happened with your dinner so don’t feel bad about that because it happens to all of us from time to time but I’m so glad you still shared it with us!!! I especially love how everything looked when the sun went down! Also love your indoor spaces too! Happy summer!! Xo

  16. This is my first time on your blog. You have a beautiful home and style! The patio dining area is so intimate, and I love the lush surroundings. Your bathroom is striking with that wall treatment! Beautiful tour. 🙂

  17. As usual, I’m super late to the party here but your outdoor space is so idyllic (even if the reality doesn’t always match the pictures – ha! I’d have been annoyed too but well, at least you tried and got some beautiful pictures out of it!) . I always love seeing your home and that outside area is absolutely lovely! I’d come round and eat pizza and drink beer with you there no problem 😉 xxx

    1. I wish we could sit out there together. So much to talk about 😉

  18. I also like your outdoor space, thanks for sharing!

  19. I love all the green! Such a great look for summer.

  20. love your honesty! its a nice reminder that behind every perfect picture, life might not be as perfect and we should always be grateful for everything! absolutely love your patio, i think i would hang out there all the time.

  21. Tammy Mitchell says:

    I just LOVE your home Julia! And that outdoor space…all the heart eyes. I would park myself right there and not leave all summer! 🙂

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