1. WOW! that brass skull is amazing! i found a GIANT one way over my budget last year but had to walk away. and the feather is so special! oh and i have that towel ring- just been saving it for when i redo my bathroom one day.

  2. Family heirlooms are so special. Such a beautiful feather to display in your home. Love your brass towel ring too. Your husband is so sweet to surprise you with the brass skull.

  3. Love the feather and the skull. Can’t wait to see what you do with everything.

  4. Man, this makes me wish I had used something fancier than a ball point pen for our wedding. Such an awesome piece!

  5. All great treasures, but wow that feather is beautiful and sentimental. How did they store/display it all of this time?

  6. oh, wow–what amazing finds! I LOVE that feather–it’s always best when family heirlooms also happen to be beautiful ;). And that skull!

  7. That is so incredibly cool! What a special memento for your family. Love the towel ring, and I think you need to mount the skull right over that mirror!

  8. The feather is beautiful and so special. What a wonderful treasure to have from your family. I used to make those macramé hangers back in the day – I wish I still had them…what goes around comes around. The brass skull is pretty amazing and how sweet of your husband. Where in the world would you look for something like that on CL? I would love to know. Love your blog.

    1. I just search for brass items Debbie and see what comes up. That’s how I found it.
      And thanks so so much

  9. I love the history behind the feather and it is just so beautiful with all the dots and the gold. Love all your other finds as well. The gold skull is fantastic!!

  10. Was your husband shopping for brass animals on CL while you were gone?? This sounds too good to be true. The feather is definitely my favorite though – really exquisite and so special.

  11. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    Such great finds! I love that your husband scored the brass skull for you while you were away! Very sweet of him 🙂

  12. Wow! That feather is gorgeous on its own, but it’s significance is just incredible. I love that story! So sweet!!

  13. You have got your hands on some really great treasures, Julia…and that skull…I wish my hubby would surprise me too-haha..Have a great week!

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