1. <3

    August 22, 2019 is the day I became a cat person. We got our sweet boy from a local shelter. He was three months old. All gray, with silver tips on his fur. We've even had his DNA sequenced!

    Now we're working on an alley cat that used to belong to someone in our neighborhood. She was abandoned as a kitten, but she's still so sweet. We've been feeding her and last night she got Cheristin for the first time. She's going to get a vet visit soon, and if she's FIV and feline leukemia free we'll bring her inside.

    They both eat Royal Canin, btw. 🙂

    1. I love your sweet story! Cats have that certain way of converting humans once you’ve found that one cat that shows you how awesome they are. Thanks for sharing your story Julia

  2. I don’t have cats but I schedule regular visits for my pups. I just took one in yesterday for her annual checkup and vaccines then she had to endure a monsoon storm. It was a rough day and night, she hates the vet and storms!

    Ps I love chewy!

    1. Oh my dogs growing up always hated rainstorms even more than the vet. Poor baby.

  3. Thank you for your informative and cute blog on your furry babies🤗. We just adopted 2 kitties that we are already Madly in love with! If only I had half their energy 😜

    1. I’m glad you love your new fur babies! Best of luck

  4. Nice to have an update about your cats!

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