1. Thanks Cassie. He told me last night that he loves his room so much now. Love hearing that.

  1. Marty Oravetz says:

    Oh my word, I love how you painted his room, everything looks amazing.

  2. Ursula Ellis says:

    The paint job is gorgeous and so creative. I love all the elements of the room. What a lucky guy!

    1. It finally reflects him again and he’s so happy and thank you Ursula

  3. Ursula Ellis says:

    Oops. I meant to add that the photos of Maya sunning and grooming herself made me smile. Thanks for always including the kitties.

    1. She is our little lioness 😉

  4. Frances Kron Brothers says:

    FANTASTIC redo Julia! I just LOVE your sense of style. And I love seeing your kitties in the photos. I know you said people unfollow you because they don’t like them. To heck with those people! LOL Cats are beautiful creatures.

    1. Yes they do but they are such a big part of me and my blog and have been since the beginning so they are staying in my posts. To heck with them like you said 😉 I love taking pictures of them.

      1. Frances Kron Brothers says:

        Keep it up! Your photos are always beautiful to look at, but for me, a sweet family pet in them adds an extra special interesting something and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that. ????

  5. This room turned out very cool, including the little opening in the door for the kitties. I love the yellow accents. Your son must be over the moon and his friends will be jealous. Awww, Maya looks so cute!

    1. Thanks Julia, yes he is very very happy. His chair arrived yesterday and he sat in it all night 😉

  6. I love how you painted in here! Especially that superfun door–such a great way to tie the yellow from the light fixture in!

    1. Thanks Gretchen, I’m glad my son picked the yellow now.

  7. Lucky guy-the room is perfect! Looks like he’s quite the wrestler. Enjoy your mom’s visit!!!

    1. Wrestling is huge in our town and he has so much competition now in middle school and high school. The past two years he didn’t even make the team. He did much better when he was younger 😉

  8. Kathleen Tweed says:

    Oh Julia, wish I could tell you what my favorite part of this makeover is but I love so much about it! The door – so neat! I think my favorite thing are the pins on the shade though. Makes it so special! Holds so many memories. The yellow light is the best. the trash can, the poster, the black and white basket! No wait – my favorite is Maya!

  9. Diane Rodriguez says:

    Super job! How long did it take you to paint the entire room? Is it Eggshell?

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