1. I think it looks really GREAT!

  2. Wendy Jones says:

    Julia, You are brilliant! I love love love this look and it soooooo fits your style! Thanks for the creative juices this morning. Wendy

  3. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    You’re so creative! I love them! I’m with you, $195 is way too much for a single plate.

    1. Besides, you didn’t steal the design and started selling them… you just reproduced what you liked in a more simple and cheap way.
      If you are intelligent and you have time… why not doing them at your own budget!?

      It looks great! Congrats!

  4. aussiebeachgirl says:

    Julia, you are so inspirational – and your Fornasetti vignette is uber COOL!! Have you lacquered the stickers, or is it not really a requirement? Keep surprising us with your quirky, workable fun! heather x

  5. Hi Julia, nice to meet you! I’ve discovered your blog via Censational girl! I’m finding lots of inspiration here 🙂
    I’ll come back 🙂

  6. I don’t like the expensive originals at all, but YOURS are amazing! I agree with you that the white border of the plates is awesome and I prefer the images too. I love how you have used them on your walls. You are so gifted…and show superior intelligence to not spend that ridiculous amount on the originals! This is not a style I would have gone for, but you have opened me up to it by your excellent adaptations and use. Awesome!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love your plates! Doing things yourself is the American Way!

  8. Definitely COOL!!! I believe in achieving “the look” one loves at the lowest possible cost. Especially because so many housewares are enormously over-priced. You have achieved (and improved on)the decorative effect of the originals at a fraction of the cost. No one visiting your home will turn over the plates to see if they’re “genuine,” & if they did, would they be friends whose respect you valued? I’ll pay more when function & durability are involved as in buying a sofa, but decorative plates from Target will hang on the wall just as well as ones made by Wedgwood. I admire your ability to create a beautiful, personalized decor on a budget
    which is a special talent.

    1. Thank you so much. You are right, but my friends wouldn’t do that anyway!

  9. Wow! I have been admiring those plates myself and wondering how I might go about DIYing them. These turned out lovely. Good job!

  10. bahadesigns says:

    I share your love of Fornasetti but don’t have the budget either! I clicked on your link to the website for the stickers but, alas, it is in German, which I do not understand! Did they ship it to you in the US?


    1. No, I had my brother buy them for me and I took them home with me when I was there this summer. But I’m sure if you’d write to them, they’d ship it. Almost everybody speaks English in Germany. Shipping won’t be a lot since the stickers don’t weigh much.

    2. If you use google it will translate the page for you. It states they will ship to other countries for 3.40 euros.

  11. These are perfect! I LIKE the fact that they don’t cost a jillion dollars. That would just be wrong! I’m going to try to buy some of those stickers – have the website open now! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love a good knock off WAY more than an expensive original! LOVE!!

  13. Jenny Eanes says:

    This is awesome! Looks like something out of a magazine;)

  14. The look is stunning. I will look for these kind of tile stickers and peruse the different categories, (not just Fornasetti, whose art I love). As Oprah says, “opinions are like butts, we all have one.” I love your blog with all of the DIY, especially the cat enclosures to keep the precious little hearts safe whilst they are enjoying being outside.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog.

  15. What size are these plates? I don’t see the plates on Target’s website.
    Nice job and thanks!

    1. They probably don’t have the same anymore. These are regular dessert plates

  16. Absolutely brilliant. What’s the point of being creative if you’re not using it to save some bucks, right? I think that going and buying original stuff are for those who aren’t as creative as you (although I do make an exception for art and this in borderline art, but still) Love your blog by the way. Wish my home would look like yours and not like a constant work in progress with half-painted walls and dingy thriftfinds all over the place 😀

  17. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me if you used dinner (11.5″) or salad (9.25″) plates? I bought the stickers and disc hangers but couldn’t figure out the plate size from the picture.

  18. I’m pretty sure they would be called the salad or dessert plates. What I did was take the cut out circles of the stickers to stores like Target and HomeGoods to see which plates they would fit best.
    Hope that helps and good luck.

  19. I just found your blog – I LOVE your plates! You go, girl – I think you did outstanding on your budget – who cares that they weren’t the real thing – they certainly look it!

  20. What is tacky about saving $935?? 195X5=975 minus 20 for stickers & 20 for plates…. GORGEOUS!!!

  21. FANI PELLA says:

    do you sell these plates and how much do they cost and how much is the shipping cost to greece?

    1. I don’t seek the plates, sorry. I made them with stickers that I bought in Germany. You can find the links inside the post.

  22. You are a genius!! I’m blogging about these plates tomorrow and linked to your DIY. I can’t believe it. Yours look amazing! You are so creative!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet words Albertina!

  23. Love the plates. How did you make the ones with animals? Are those stickers as well?

    1. No you can buy them. The link is in the post. They are made by an artist and I love them so much.

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