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    1. Thank you Michelle! I was on a mission to get it done and worked on it nonstop. Having the kids off for the summer really gave me the kick in the rear to finish fast before that. Thank you!

    1. You have no idea. It feels so much cleaner now. I don’t feel like I’m walking on a germ patch anymore

  1. Oh the new flooring is so beautiful. I hope you made or make sure your pads on all your furniture are good……… don’t want to have any uh oh’s on that beautiful flooring. You sure were fast at getting it all done! I am impressed and a tadge jealous too……. grin. Just beautiful.

  2. Julia, I am amazed by your talent and ability – gosh – these floors are unbelievable! You should be so proud of yourself – this is such a big thing! So pretty! Loved reading about it!

  3. Stunning!! Absolutely incredible job Julia! It completely changed the look in there. Do you think the lighter floors are harder to keep clean? I was entertaining the idea of doing white flooring in my office upstairs, but I thought it might be a nightmare to keep clean. Also are those plants real? Because whoa. Amazing my friend.

    1. NO not at all, they are much easier to keep clean than dark flooring and the reason for me always going with light floors. Dust doesn’t show up at all.

  4. This is beautiful! Amazing you did it yourself! I love the good balance of dark and light colors. I really your bed/headboard. Where is it from?

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