1. So much easier than the forks method 😉

  1. Can’t go wrong with a good pom pom. We used to make them all the time as kids to add to our roller skates. I’m glad my skills have finally come back in style. I’ve not used this kind of pom pom maker before but I’m all for a better way.

    1. Oh I used to love to roller skate too but we never put pom-poms on them. That probably looked really cute 😉

  2. I was wondering how you made your pompoms so full and fluffy! Thanks for sharing these Julia, and no, your not “strange” at all! I love them and have made them using the fork only!

    1. I used to do the fork method too Vel but these pom-poms don’t even compare to the fork ones. So much better and easier.

  3. (what’s a pom-pom throw????)

    1. It’s one of those throws who have pom-poms sewn around the edges. If you google it there will be a ton of photos. They are so fun

  4. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the tips Julia. I hadn’t seen these before and it has inspired me to order some and have a go!

  5. It is official, I need the pom pom maker! Your pompoms are the best I have seen so far, super plush and pretty.

    1. Thanks Jessica, I thought I didn’t need one and then when I tried it, it changed everything 😉

  6. valarie sanford says:

    Well, your strangeness is my fortune I guess, so thanks for being you and sharing!

    1. LOl thanks. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  7. I love how your pillows turned out! Thanks for sharing.

  8. You know how much I looovve making poms, but I’ve never used a for real pom pom maker. I think you’ve convinced me to get one! And, your safety pin idea is BRILLIANT! It takes FOREVER to sew those things on… not a fun job! Love the easy removal, too, when the time comes that you’re ready for a change or to switch them to another pillow. Lastly, LOVE your idea of mixing 2 similar colors for depth and interest. I’ve mixed two different colors before, but wouldn’t have thought to mix two similar shades. Love it!

  9. I went a little crazy Christmas before last and bought every size they make of those pom pom makers :). I should really pull them back out and use them again!

  10. I have the same Pom Pom maker, love it. I’ve made bi-color Pom poms-so 1/2 is white 1/2 black which I like a lot. Hadn’t thought of mixing to shades throughout. I’m going to try that! And safety pinning? Goodness, how easy. Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

  11. I really didn’t know pom-pom makers existed, def makes life easier! Really enjoyed the tip on using colors that are slightly different!

  12. I’ve never seen a pom pom maker before! Does it really make a big difference versus just doing them on your hand?

    1. Oh yes it does. I didn’t want to buy one because I thought the same thing but then my friend brought it on vacation and I was hooked

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