1. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea to paint them white, they look so much lighter and fresher now and lost the granny feel to them. Feel the same way about those clocks as you do and thought your solution was really clever. Greetings from Germany. 🙂

  2. Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage says:

    My parents brought me back a cuckoo clock from our family reunion in Germany (I’ve never been, but apparently some “close” relatives of mine own the Dautermann winery??). Anyway, I hung it in our last home, but it just really doesn’t work for our new one. But now, oh the possibilities you’ve given me!! Are there any special tips or tricks you can give me so I don’t ruin it completely? It’s almost identical to the little one you painted. Pinning this!! Thanks so much for the post! I see a painted cuckoo in my future… if, like you, my Dad won’t kill me for it!!

    1. Hi and thanks, one tip I can give you is that you should make sure the paint doesn’t clog the hinges one the doors. Sometimes mine got stuck and I had to sand them a little and they worked better. Another thing is to make sure you tape off the clock parts (mechanics). It would ruin the clock for sure if you’d get paint on it. Otherwise just paint away. It’s so much fun.
      I just started another one but this time the primer cracked and I have to start over again 🙁

  3. I think the white looks phenomenal. I found your blog when searching “painted german cuckoo clock” on google. I have a very similar german cuckoo clock that I had growing up as a child. It’s been in a ziploc bag in storage for years and I would really love to paint it white also, but am terrified my mom will never forgive! I may have to do it anyway….

  4. Cynthia Lamb says:

    Love the big white cuckoo with dancing angels! I’ve searched high and low and can’t find it even not in white – do you know it’s maker? Vielen Dank!

    1. Hi Cynthia and thanks! Unfortunately I don’t know who made the cuckoo clock. It only says “made in Korea” (out of all places) on the back.

  5. I am in love with this clock! I had a white decal of a coo coo clock in my last home and now I want the real deal in white. Kudos to you!

  6. I am working backwards – I already have a white cuckoo clock given to us as a house warming gift many years ago. I was ready to hang it up in my kitchen, after resting in storage, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. It probably has a cheap movement and I wasn’t sure it was worth fixing, but now I am thinking I may change the movement. How difficult is it to install? (I am pretty handy!) I like what you did with yours.

    1. Thanks! And it’s not difficult, just give it a try. You weren’t using it before, so if it doesn’t work out…It won’t be a big loss. But you can have it fixed by a professional as well.

  7. I don’t know what the Stefan Strumbel clocks cost. I was wondering myself.

  8. You have just insprired me to pull out that paint can again!! Growing up next to a family of German decent, I was always in awe of their cockoo clock. As an adult, I express this fascination to my dad, the ultimate antiquer/packrack. Over then next few years he had given me 2 cockoo clocks! I really think he forgot he gave me the first one! They have remained in a box for years and I don’t know why I don’t have them hanging! I think I am going to pull them out and come up with a color to paint one of them for my home!! Great idea to paint the clock and give it a modern twist instead of an old people look!!

    ~ Darlene

    1. Thanks Darlene, I didn’t feel bad painting them either because they aren’t antiques. They are my favorite pieces in the house.

  9. Melissa Marie Head says:

    LOVE this! My mom bought a cuckoo clock on our first Germany trip and then I almost bought one last year and am kicking myself for not buying one now. I just thought a lot of them looked a bit “stuff” but seeing it painted makes me rethink. Now I need to fly to Germany and get one.

  10. Been looking everywhere for a white cuckoo clock with traditional styles. All the ones I found were super cheap looking in real life. Finding this post has inspired me- gonna take the plunge and paint one instead. Thanks!

  11. I absolutely adore these cuckoo clocks! The designs for the more colorful ones are exceptional and I wish I could have one in my home! I’m very big in the unusual, colorful and unique and these match my style perfectly! Is there any way to get any custom made ones, preferably with dripping tentacles, neon colored dear heads with multiple eyes and wings?

    1. Hi Rosalia, those clocks are from a German artist named Stefan Strumbel.

  12. Love your cuckoo clock redesign! My parents had a cuckoo clock when I was a kid, and I loved it! Always kind of wanted one for my kids! Visiting from Haven Mavens 14 — looking forward to meeting you at Haven! 🙂

  13. Ciarri Winter says:

    Love your innovative painted cuckoo clocks, fantastich!!!!!

  14. Julia, your clock looks stunning! I read your post and brought it to my husband right away. We have an old cuckoo clock from his great grandfather but I can’t stand how downer of a feel it brings because it looks so ancient so it’s just been sitting in our basement. When I saw this on Friday we decided yesterday to paint it and although it doesn’t look as great as yours, we love it! Was a bit of a bummer because it wasn’t working at first but we found another blog with a diy cuckoo clock repair guide that worked for us. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh I can always use a good site for repairs and glad you like your cuckoo clock now

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