1. I’m glad to hear that Monkey is doing a bit better, Julia. Hopefully she’ll get her appetite back without taking meds soon and will gain some weight.

  2. Julia you take such beautiful photos! Glad to hear Monkey is doing better poor baby. Do the cats play the game on the tablet? That is so funny!

  3. That is the cutest thing! My 3 cats would have a field day with that.

  4. Yes of course our TJ gets treats for Christmas, he’s one of the family!!

  5. My pets (1 cat and 1 dog) get so many gifts! Each have their own stocking and I fill it full of treats and gifts! They are spoiled rotten throughout the year too! 🙂 My Maxamus would love playing with the strings on that toy! And…. I’m so glad Monkey is feeling better! I’ve been worried about her! It makes me so happy that you two found each other and that she has a warm home where she is loved and taken care of!

  6. Glad she’s feeling a little better….and I love the pics of the cats checking out their new toy! We’re very erratic with pet Christmas presents. Some years we do better than others….I figure the kids would be a lot more likely to notice if we forgot to give THEM presents, so they get first priority 😉

  7. Of course: fresh catniip and, edible treats!

  8. Katrina J. says:

    Glad to hear Monkey is doing better! <3

  9. Oh yes. My 3 cats are not forgotten at Christmas!

  10. So glad little Monkey is feeling better. I have four rescue cats that would love to have that stocking of goodies from Santa! Not like they don’t get treats everyday though!

  11. my cats get stockings every year!!!

  12. So glad to hear your Monkey seems to be getting better! We don’t really get our cats (or dogs) presents but I’ve wanted to start doing that.

  13. Yes, all pets get presents

  14. I’m so glad little Monkey is feeling better. I always get my fur-angels treats/toys for Christmas.

  15. carol gray says:

    Omg!!! What great markings on Lily

  16. Our cats love to eat the friskies treats and food. This would be fun for them. Thank you.

  17. Awww I’m so glad to hear Monkey is feeling a little better! Your kitties are just so cute, I love seeing them on your blog (although I admit, Lucy is my favourite, don’t tell the others) 😉 I really want to get Meisha a cat water fountain for Christmas so I don’t have to keep running the tap for her – so it’s a win/win I reckon! Ha! xxx

    1. I won’t tell 😉 she is quite the little stylish Diva and I love her sass.

  18. My cats do get presents for Christmas!

  19. Our pets each get presents (even the turtle and hermit crab) as well as our 4-legged nieces and nephews : ) I hope everyone is in good health for the holidays and after. Thanks for the opportunity.

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