1. I always want to reach through the screen and kiss the ears of the cuties you introduce to us each Friday! So funny that Shavonda increased her family size (so BIG) after decreasing their footprint…it must be love.

  2. OMG i cannot fathom how big she is going to get! she already looks so big!

    and I’m with Cassie — our pup is crazy! she’s somewhat of a bully thinking she’s a big dog when she’s really only 20 pounds. people always hesitate to let their big dogs play with her, but she holds her own!

    1. Love little dogs like that! They need to make up for their size with some sassy attitude. Gotta love it!

  3. I love Great Danes and I love spotted dogs, so, naturally, I think Callie’s ADORABLE! 🙂

  4. She’s so beautiful! I agree – I want to hear more about what it’s like when she’s all grown up! I can’t imagine having a dog that big 🙂

  5. That dog is absolutely gorgeous. Those eyes. Also I love that Shavonda is downsizing. Everything but the dog. Her new house is just gorgeous as was her old one.

  6. I’d be smitten too, she is a sweetheart! I love seeing Shavonda’s pics of her on IG, and what gorgeous photos!

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