1. Diane Bélanger says:

    I love these. They look so good. I really need to try making some of your projects, at least start whit one. You make it look so easy.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Diane! Give it a try, it really is easy once you get the hang of it. And you can always open it again if you mess up which is so nice.

  2. Oh my word, this is incredible. I love it. Great tutorial

  3. Claudia Lea says:

    This is great! I am entertaining thoughts of making a basket like this to hold toys – do you have any idea on how I could add in a base?

    1. I’ve been thinking about what to use for a base for a while. Probably something braided into a circle and then attached.

  4. Love these! Unfortunately I’m not crafty at all. Do you mind if I ask you advice on how to stop a kitty from clawing your furniture? Out of my three she is the only one to do it. She will be seven this year and I have been inconsistent in getting her to stop (ie: yelling at her, chasing her, squirting water) but I am super motivated because I will be buying some new furniture soon. Of course I have a nice scratching post that she sometimes uses. Your home is beautiful and dosen’t appear scratched up 🙂

    1. Good morning Donna,

      I don’t mind at all. I actually talk about this often in my Instagram stories. Maybe I should write a blog post about it too.
      In the mean time, until I write a blog post, I have made a small change in our home that has made a huge difference and saved our furniture.
      I bought small scratching posts and placed them throughout my home in areas where they liked scratching the furniture.

      They absolutely love them and I just replaced the sisal last week because they shredded the posts.
      Here is my favorites page with a link to the scratching post that I have purchased and some of my other favorites that I use for our cats. I have 3 of them:

      It’s the first one on the list.
      They want to scratch and I can’t stop them from scratching but I can give them something else to dig into 😉

      Oh and those planters are really easy to make even if you aren’t crafty 😉 They could even be turned into a cat bed.
      Have a great week.

  5. I am so excited to try this! What size cord did you use?

    1. Oh yay, you should, yes! It’s the exact cord that I linked to in the supplies list.

  6. Hi! I’m excited to try this! How many yards do I need to make one of these?

  7. Did you make the fan, because it is amazing and I would love to do the same!

    1. Hi there, and thanks! No I bought the fan on Etsy which is a great place to find them.

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