1. oh i LOVE this! and now i am wonering if i shouldn’t put emmy’s dresser in her closet and put her craft stuff against her wall… it looks so good like that!!!! and i love the ledge with all the art- great idea, lilly!

    1. Thank you! She loves the art ledge so much better then the last art dimply and I do too. Those cheap Ikea frames are perfect to stack too because they are so thin.

      1. The white window treatment board with Lilly’s name, where did you find that or did you make it? Traci

  2. It looks awesome–great job, Lilly! Love the picture ledge and the wall color, and still in love with that hanging chair! And welcome to my world–trying to photograph navy walls–and I’m about to paint ANOTHER room navy!

    1. Let me know if you ever find out the secret to photographing a navy wall! And thank you

  3. June Pope says:

    This room turned out great! I was a little nervous too but baby girl made some great choices. Perfect for a teen girl. (Don’t tell but I think kitties are my favorite, perhaps because they’re warm and fuzzy.)

    1. Oh I will tell because they are our favorite part too. Willy runs and jumps on the swinging chair so it swings a lot when he sits on it. He loves swinging in the chair and looks more like a little lemur when he is using it.

  4. Lilly’s room is fun and creative. A great place to show her artistic as well as her sport talents. Of course, a couple of furry critics seem to show their approval.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes the cats love her room

  5. She did a great job! I think the photos of the wall color turned out well too. Love the kitty photo-bombs too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Becky! Willy is such a poser and loves to hog the camera.

  6. Kathleen Tweed says:

    Totally adorable! Love everything – the color, hanging chair and the craft center! What a great idea to use command hooks! Lilly is an artist for sure!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I’m thrilled that she loves to create things too

  7. Lilly did a fantastic job and I agree with you that she does have talent!!! Wish I’d had a room like this as a teenager!

    1. I will tell her 😉 And I wish I had a room like this too when I was a teenager

  8. What a beautiful makeover Julia. I love the moody new color on the wall. It makes everything else pop 🙂 Love the craft cart with all the glitter too 🙂 Lily is so lucky!

    1. I always regret letting her have glitter because it ends up everywhere but I get it, glitter is just so much fun. Thanks Katja!

  9. I can imagine that it wasn’t easy to let Lilly do with her room what she wanted to but she did such a great job! I love the navy walls combined with the light colored furniture. The room looks beautiful and organized. It’s so cute that Lilly was so excited about getting the labeling machine. My parents would have been delighted if I had shown any interest in organizing my teenage room. It was always just a big mess. The kitties seem to be happy with the changes too and they look adorable as always.

    1. I can’t remember if I was ever this excited about organizing when I was her age but we didn’t really have labeling machines 😉 LOL And yes the kitties are very happy with the new room. The hanging chair is a big hit!

  10. Lilly’s room makeover came out so great Julia! Love the new wall color, and your daughter’s extensive slime and glitter collection, wow!! Such a cool room for hanging out and creating. Hope she is loving it!

  11. You deserve alllll the mom points for letting her take the lead in updating her room! I remember begging to redecorate my room when I was maybe 12 or 13, and shopping for paint colors with my mom is such a special memory. Lilly did such a good job!

  12. Love all of this!! My daughter and I both pinned your pics and now she wants to do her room like this. Thank you! How do I sign up for the abstract prints??

  13. I may have missed it, but what paint color did you use?

    1. Hi Mindy, it’s Indigo Cloth by Valspar.

  14. Where did you get that chandelier? I want to remodel my room and LOVE that light!!!

  15. Note – When I say Light, I mean the cloth one with the blue tips

  16. Hi, I was wondering where you got the CLOTH light with the blue tips, or if you made can you send me a link to the DIY, (And/Or the link to where you bought it)

    1. Hi Lydia, unfortunately, that was a limited edition Ikea chandelier and isn’t available anymore.

  17. My daughter was very inspired by this design. She loved it so much she did her room in the same color! Thank you so much for posting all the links to colors, shelves, etc. It made this project WAY easier!! Wish I could add a pic! Everything looks amazing!

    1. Oh that made my day, Traci! I’ so glad you guys like it.

  18. Where is the desk from?

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