1. I’m the exact same on changing to sweat pants as soon as I get home! Who wants to sit in tight skinny jeans? Ha. Oh, and Walking Dead is just so good! I’m going to be sad when it eventually ends!

  2. i loved reading this!!! and i am a huge twilight fan, too, and there is no shame in it. 🙂 and take on me always brings a smile to my face and a dance to my feet.

  3. I loved learning about you Julia!!! I’m right there with with Twilight and DJ Jazzy Jeff!!!!

  4. Nougat? I LOVE nougat. We have to be friends now Julia 🙂 Loved the cat updates too. Also here is a great quote from Robin Williams that I personally love. Feel free to use it. It is awesome to work into everyday casual conversation:

    “Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool” – Robin Williams.

    You are welcome 🙂

  5. I loved reading this! You are such an amazing cat lady 🙂

  6. Very interesting. I feel like I live on a different planet, cause I am not familiar with any of those songs, groups or shows. I used to want a white kitty kat……. but I have so many now already that I just can’t hope for more. Did I tell you I have two coming around every morning and evening to eat? One orange and white and the other a black and white and he is a handsome devil too. He let’s me pick him up, but the orange one has not. I am so praying if it is a she, she is fixed……. ya know?

  7. kitties! And because you threw in a nice compliment about me being funny (and because these are fun to read), I’m not going to pretend I didn’t notice that you tagged me ;). Also because you’re an Aquarius. I wanted Abe to be an Aquarius, but he was a few days too early. Also because I feel bad for you that your parents made you play not just one but several different types of flutes ;). But it might take me a few days to get around to it!

  8. You are so funny and honest Julia, I love it!!!! So refreshing!!!! And I love how big and huge and evident your love for your family always comes shining through 🙂

  9. Love learning more about you! My parents made me play the flute too, I actually dropped band my junior year of high school without telling them and they didn’t figure it out until the first band concert, let’s say they weren’t happy with me! I won’t hold it against you that you love Twilight! (:

  10. Love this Julia!
    #17, YES. You know he’s my favorite too 🙂
    #47, Once an old guy followed me around the thrift store and wouldn’t stop telling me and insisting to everyone around me that I looked exactly like Olive Oyl. 😛

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