1. i just love jennifer and i had no idea she had pets until you told me she was posting for you! love the story of these cats and they totally seem like my kind of cats- easy going and laid back and run to the clink of a spoon (i might do that, too).

    1. I didn’t know she had cats for a long time either. They need to be on her blog more often 😉

  2. Love a good adoption story, and great decor shots are always improved by a pet! Love the shots of your cats snuggling – we have two dogs and one cat, and my dogs both love the cat and are terrified of her. She definitely runs the house.

    1. That’s awesome that she runs the house and I agree that they improve the decor.

  3. Kathleen Tweed says:

    Julia, it just warms my heart to read stories of people who love their animals so much. How much better their lives are with the pets in them. Thank you so much for this “Living Pretty With Pets” – I always love them! I loved reading the story! I’ve put Dimples and Tangles on my favorites and look forward to reading everything this talented lady does! Thank you again Julia, you continue to make my day with all your posts.

    1. And you make my day with your sweet comments. I never really know if people like this series as much as decor posts because less people comment on it. But when I don’t post them for a while, then people ask me about it. So there have to be some fans out there 😉

  4. Littermates are so sweet! Our last two were littermates; it’s the only way I’ve ever managed to have cats that actually like each other 😉

  5. I also didn’t know Jennifer had cats and they are just like our cat Turtle, we also got him at Petsmart after learning he had always been a feral cat. I think he misses being outside too, he’s always trying to get out but we have a pack of wolves very close to our house so I can’t take the chance. He acts just like Jennifer’s cats! Another fun post Julia!!

    1. Maybe you want to share your story one day? ???? Jennifer was afraid she’d have to pull her story because Chief didn’t come home last week and she thought that the coyotes got him. Thankfully he’s ok. We have a fox in the area who killed some outdoor cats and it scared me to death with poor Monkey going outside. ????

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